• idEye

    People register
    ID scanning system incorporating photographic and biometric capabilities suitable for businesses requiring an electronic register of individuals.

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    Pubs & Clubs
    Reduces anti-social behaviour in licensed venues. Speeds up visitor entries and eliminates paper records.

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  • Membership

    A Membership App with event Marketing Manager. Direct marketing using member interests. Built in SMS and email functionality. Quick Smart member recognition. Low cost, high quality membership cards.

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  • ESM

    An event staff organiser using swipe card, barcode and biometrics to record time and attendance. Eliminate ghosting and get verifiable records that you can be sure of!

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  • Watchlist

    A surveillance application that will watch out for those you need to identify for security or greeting purposes. Automated alerts for those on the watch list therefore eliminating the need for constant monitoring.

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  • Development

    Need a software solution? Want to integrate a SDK to suit your needs? We develop real world, user friendly applications.

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  • AMS

    Alcohol Management System to control the purchase of liquor from takeaway outlets. It only targets problem drinkers without inhibiting sales to the general public.

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idEye Watchlist





The interest in face recognition is moving towards real-world applications such as automated surveillance. You don't have to invest in expensive surveillance cameras, or rely on CCTV to find your men.


Set up your Watchlist and let the application do all the work for you. Knowledge of your persons of interest within your proximity is invaluable. Use it to your advantage, whether your need is identifying a preferred customer or other person.


How many times have you caught an offender, alerted the security guard and the intruder comes back again and again. How long does it take to go through 1000's of images to find the person you are looking for? Even if you did, he is long gone. What happens when this person comes back? You might miss him but Watchlist won't.

Let Watchlist do the grunt work for you while you do the things that you do best.




Don't just take a photo for your file, use Watchlist and create a profile!